Playoffs in college football

Starting this year in College Football, a new playoff system will be implemented. This new system makes every game count. It also gives games a whole new level of meaning, having repercussions that could lead to the team being excluded from the playoffs. The new system will allow the committee to choose the top four teams based on record, strength of schedule, and other factors. This new system is very exciting because any team can make it and no team is ever safe. It eliminates the arguments that the teams schedule was too weak or they just got lucky. It will place the top four teams against each other, and they must bring their A-game to win. The good thing about this new system is that it does not take away too much from the bowl system we know and love. Also, it does not extend too long, making the student athletes play to many games. The system is not perfect though. There are five so-called power conferences and only four spots in the playoff. As of right now the SEC holds four of the five spots in the top five. This brings up a problem. How many SEC teams will the committee let in? This Is the topic of many discussions at this moment. Also teams such as TCU and Alabama who have one loss can potentially get the short end of the stick just because of their loss. Overall I believe that the system should be expanded of a larger number of teams which would allow for less confusion and debate.

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