Recap of my Senior Spring Break Trip

For this past spring break, about forty of my friends and I traveled to the Island of Cozumel off of the coast of Mexico. After months of preparing and waiting for this trip we were all ecstatic when we first saw the crystal-blue water and soft white beaches. We spent our days on the beach soaking up all of the warm air and splashing around in the refreshing water (reminder: it was 40 degrees when we left DFW airport). One day, some of the parents on the trip organized a catamaran boat ride around the island. We began with a smooth sail on one side of the shore where, after a beautiful twenty-minute sail,  we stopped for one of our two snorkeling destinations. We all jumped into the water and what we saw next was spectacular. At about a 15-foot depth I looked down and saw beautiful coral reefs and many different arrays of fish. Once we were done with our snorkeling the crew set out for another smooth sail around Cozumel where they entertained us with their wonderful dance moves.

As the trip began to wind down, I realized how thankful and blessed I was to know such amazing people and to have had the chance to travel to such a beautiful place. This spring break trip was a memory I will never forget. It was an experience that  brought us all a lot closer and reminded us to be thankful for who and what we have in our lives. When we all returned home from Cozumel, I think we can all agree that it kicked off the beginning of the end of our time together as seniors. Graduation will be here quicker than we realize and before I know I it I will be moving into my freshman dorm. Spring Break was a rare experience and I am beyond thankful to have made memories from this trip before my final All Saints’ school year begins to come to an end.

Waiting for our catamaran.

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