Results are in!

The results of the All Saints’ Episcopal School Mock Presidential Election are in!

Out of our entire student body of 1, 050 students, 865 votes were placed representing 82%.

Votes by Division and Presidential Candidate are as follows:

Early Childhood
106 Total Votes – 39% Hillary Clinton, 61% Donald Trump

Lower School
362 Total Votes – 20% Hillary Clinton, 67% Donald Trump, 6% Gary Johnson, 7% Jill Stein

Middle School
153 Total Votes – 13% Hillary Clinton, 67% Donald Trump, 10% Gary Johnson, 10% Jill Stein

Upper School
244 Total Votes – 24% Hillary Clinton, 67% Donald Trump, 7% Gary Johnson, 2% Jill Stein

Student Body
865 Total Votes – 22% Hillary Clinton, 66% Donald Trump, 6% Gary Johnson, 6% Jill Stein

Some of our seniors will be voting on Election Day next Tuesday, November 8; others of us will be voting in future elections before we know it. It is our privilege as American citizens to vote. It is our responsibility to be informed voters. We may not share the same political views as our friends or even family members, but we should respect each other at all times.

Thank you to all who participated in making this mock election possible – Digital Journalism staff, AP Government students, Mrs. Ann Baldwin (US History Department Chair), Mr. Joey Menendez, Mr. Wallace Worden, Mr. Michael Gonzalez, Mrs. Debra Koppelberger, Ms. Robin Page and so many more!

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