“Revved” up and ready to go….

All Saints’ Middle School has geared up for our yearly projects. The students elected the following people to lead their student council:  President, Trent ’18; Vice-President, Nicole ’18; Secretary, Bryce ’18; and Treasurer, Michael ’18.  Each 1st period elected Representatives and Alternates.  In addition to planning the all important dances, these kids will be the leaders in our Project Empathy efforts. We are hoping to manage a large food drive for area food banks. We discovered that the government shutdown affected the amount of food that the banks can supply to the hungry citizens of our community. Who knew?

Through Project Empathy, each advisory will supply 5 Thanksgiving Dinners for families in Weatherford. I must say that my advisory of 9 marvelous 7th grade girls brought the required supplies the VERY NEXT DAY after the assignment: $100 for 5 turkeys, 5 cans of sweet potatoes, 5 boxes of stuffing, etc. for 5 whole meals. Wow. All it took on my part was some dum dums, and a challenge to beat Mrs. Maly’s advisory.  (I really wanted to beat Mrs. Maly.) Also, a promise of pizza. Hey, we won!

It is clear that our student government will function more cohesively than that group in Washington, D.C.!

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