Saints and their Sneakers

img_9477Photo by Parker Boyce ’18

What kind of shoes do you wear to school?  If you go to All Saints’, your answer is probably sneakers or tennis shoes. They are practical, comfortable, and complement the uniform nicely.

Out of 20 people surveyed, the price of the tennis shoes people wear to school ranged from $50 to $250. The average cost of a pair of tennis shoes was $108.50.

“Grey, white, or black tennis shoes rock because they go with everything, but I also like a little bit of color on them too so they aren’t too plain. Pastel goes great with grey!” -Hannah Jones ’19

“I’m a big fan of Adidas’ aesthetic, and I also love to rock a good pair of Nikes. It just depends on how I’m feeling, you know? Some days I’ll whip out some Chacos, some days I’ll whip out some Yeezys. You never know which way I’ll go. I’m like a spastic wizard.” -Sloan Struble ’18

“Nikes are my go to shoes because they’re the G.O.A.T!” -Cole Meacham ’19

“I would definitely pay up to $200 for a pair of tennis shoes that I really like.” -Alexis McKee ’19

“My favorite pair of shoes are my Adidas Flux because they have flowers on them, and they’re comfortable.” -DQ McKinney ’17

In 2014, 18% of athletic shoe purchases were made by people under the age of 14, 5.3% by ages 14-17, 10% by ages 18-24, 13.5% by ages 25-34, 12.8% by ages 35-44, 26.3% by ages 45-64, and 14.1% by ages 65 and older.  It’s interesting to find that the smallest percentage is in the high school age range, considering that almost everyone at All Saints’ wears tennis shoes at school as well as out and about.

If you’re a Saint, sneakers are the way to go!

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