Satisfying Curiosity and Growing More Curious

According to google, education is “an enlightening experience”. To me, education is satisfying my curiosity while at the same time finding myself growing more curious. Once one question is answered, I begin to wonder about ten more. You can’t deny that everyone has something that interests them. Everyone has that one special thing that they want to know more about. For some, they may always be daydreaming about walking on the moon. Others may find themselves always building things. Some really enjoy drawing. Because of education, we are able to focus on these things in our career. Every time I have the opportunity to talk about the government, I find myself never wanting to stop. I know I am not the only one who has felt this way before. I am very blessed to have such a great education. At All Saints’ I get to learn so much more than I would if I wasn’t at such a great school. If people weren’t educated we would still be back in the farming days when there was nothing to do but eat and sleep. Because people have asked “Why?” so many things have happened. Look at everything we now know about space, plants, our bodies, earth, and more. All in all, people take education for granted and don’t want to go to school when our education is really one of the most blessed things God has given us.

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