Science + English = Unlimited Possibilities

Upon wrapping up a unit on the solar system in science, the Sixth Grade Saints were asked to pick a planet to further explore on their own.  Students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of their planets adaptations and unique features through a creative project that required them to create an alien that could survive in their planet’s atmosphere.   Not only did students create a 3D paper-maiche version of their alien, but they also were charged with composing a scene sketch about their alien.  Students were challenged to effectively blend scientific facts that they gathered about their planet  into a creative writing piece.  Using strategies they learned in their English class, such as “Show, Don’t Tell”, exploding a moment, and vivid vocabulary, students were able to produce imaginative stories about their aliens that they published and shared.  So, if you have ever wondered what type of alien might live on Saturn, stop by the 6th grade commons to find out.

Lily sharing her alien story

Lily sharing her creative story about her alien.



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