Senioritis: Infecting high schools everywhere

As second semester, begins to unfold the Senior class of 2016 finally fully understands all the symptoms of the common disease “Senioritis”. An epidemic sweeping across high schools everywhere. There has been an astronomical outbreak of this infectious disease; seniors at an alltime high of laziness, loss of ambition, and no motivation to study. Here are a few ways to cure your case of Senioritis:

Zenioritis.jpgStages of Senioritis:

1. The thought of Monday morning is even more dreadful than ever before.

When your alarm begins to sound on those dreadful Monday morning, you have to hit your snooze button a few more times.

2. You have mastered finishing your homework at the last possible second.

Motivation lowering and laziness skyrocketing makes for a disaster trying to finish your homework.

3. Your appearance at school is starting to be less of a concern to you.

Bed head, uniform infractions, and the appearance of rolling out of bed in the morning have become the usual.

4. Your attendance record is at an all time low.

Those few extra minutes of sleep become more and more tempting as the end of high school approaches. What will a few tardies do anyways…?

5. Nap Time! Anywhere, and everywhere.

As senior year progresses you have become very creative with the places you find yourself taking a quick snooze. In class, at lunch, or if you have an off period you might even take a nap in your car.senioritis2.jpg

How to cope with Senioritis:

1. Spend time with friends and family because you will be gone sooner than you think.

Set aside time to have dinner with your family as much as you can because believe it or not you will miss them! Also, make plans with your friends to do something out of the ordinary that way it will be a lasting memory.

2. Create a workout routine.

Although, you have lost most of your ambition after you received your first college acceptance letter, getting into a workout routine will keep you in shape and will help with your transition as you head off to college.

3. Coffee… Lots and lots of coffee!

If you like coffee already, great! Keep the caffeine coming. However, if you are still not sure about this dark and delicious drink full of energy I suggest you learn to like it before college.

4. Just go with the flow

There is a lot going on during the second semester of senior year. The best advice I can give is hold on and enjoy the crazy ride.

5. Countdown to Graduation!




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