The Start of a Great Year

This eighth grade year is already shaping up to be my favorite, most fun year ever at All Saints’. All of my teachers are so interesting and they make learning fun and easy. It took me a few weeks, but now that I know what to expect from all my teachers and classes, I can really enjoy the eighth grade experience. I love each and every one of my classes. I have such a good schedule, and the classes are so enjoyable that each day flies by. There is so much change between Lower School and Middle School, and seventh grade was a very good transitional period. But now that I have become accustomed to all the changes, I can sit back and enjoy the ride of eighth grade. I think that is why my year has started off so well, because I have gotten past the challenges of seventh grade, and because of those challenges, I am now more than ready for this year.

Trent ’18

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