Switching Classes in Sixth Grade

I really enjoy switching classes in sixth grade! It helps us as students because just like every student has a favorite subject, each teacher has a subject that they teach best. Each teacher only teaches the subject that they’re good at teaching.Switching classes also prepares us for middle school, so when we get there we will actually know what is going on. The new lockers make it easier to go from class to class. Lockers are a lot better then carrying around a backpack with all of our books in it like we did last year. We also have more responsibility to take care of our lockers and keep track of our books.

When we started sixth grade everyone wanted different teachers for their homeroom class, but since we switch classes we all get to be taught by our favorite teachers (Mrs.Gresham). I really like having four different teachers, and each subject goes with the teacher. Mrs. Gresham is great, but I couldn’t imagine her teaching math, the subject Mr. Becker teaches. Switching classes can be fun, but if we have a test in first period, for instance, its only fair that we don’t tell the next class about it. I understand that but it can be tempting for others. Overall, I’m really glad that we switch classes.

Savanna ’20

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