Riff Ram Bah Zoo! Lets go TCU!

Wow! TCU football is having an amazing season. Ranked #4 in the country with a record of 8-1, TCU is becoming a popular name in the sports world. Fans ranging from 2 to 92 are proud to be a Frog.
I sat down with the Athletic Director of TCU, Chris DelConte, to find out what he thinks about the Frogs this season. He boasts that he “couldn’t be happier” and is extremely proud of the players. He loves their ambition and competitive spirit. But what really makes TCU football special? “Football games are the best place for the Fort Worth community to gather. The purple passion inside each fan brings a level excitement not all teams share.” He continued on saying that what really makes TCU football special is Coach Patterson. “He is an innovator and has become a great leader and mentor for the players.”
Now to answer the question everyone is dying to know, what bowl game will TCU be competing in? To my surprise DelConte firmly stated, “It is not about the bowl game; it is only about the next game. Every game is important and critical to our success. We take every game one step at a time. The only thing on my mind is the Kansas game this weekend.”
Well, you heard it straight from the Athletic Director of TCU.Come and support the Frogs this weekend as they head to Kansas. As DelConte always says…

“Game on baby!”


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