Technology in the classroom

I love technology and all the new gadgets. I love all the advances and all the new things we can accomplish with technology today. I think we can do so much with all the new capabilities brought about by technology in the classroom. I think students can video chat if they are absent so they can really not miss class at all. I think students can use Google Docs or similar programs where everyone takes notes in class so that theoretically, no one will miss any notes and everyone can have the same, complete notes. Some other possible uses of technology in the classroom are giving students a class set of tablets or laptops so that students can have all their research and work in one place. Also, we could hook up tablets with writing capablities to a central, teacher’s place, so that students can do things like math, and the teacher can watch his or her student do that problem. I believe technology in the classroom will become more and more important and existent as technology advances more and more.

Trent ’18

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