Technology is Growing

To some people, I am one who always has advice on how to do something using technology. I always want to own the latest computer, iPad, or iPhone and I follow the news on Apple’s website religiously. In every class that I can, I use that technology to take notes and stay organized. Not only does using my devices help me in the classroom, but I also like it when teachers use Smart Boards and other digital aids to help us learn. It engages all of the students, especially me, and makes learning a bit more exciting compared to just sitting in desks and listening to the teacher talk for 80 minutes. I hope the school brings more technology into the class each year, and more of our textbooks become available online so we can view them all together instead of carrying around heavy books to each class. Already, our teachers post a lot of our notes on The Wire (our website), announce tests, and all of our homework is available to view there as well. I don’t even need to write in my planner anymore! I’m a “techy” girl and I can’t wait to see all the improvements that are made each year.

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