Technology in School

Technology is a big help nowadays to students around the world. You can have access to more than just a textbook.  You can have access to videos and examples on how to do nearly any assignment. You can also communicate with other students and your teachers about homework or how to do something. Most kids nowadays understand how to do things on an Ipad, laptop etc…  In order to be successful in college and in most careers, students need experience in using technology while they are in lower, middle, and high school.

Teachers can explain to students the process of how to do an assignment using email or on-line chatting.  If a student is struggling with a subject or topic, the teacher could tutor them on-line or by video chat.  Students can also watch you-tube videos on how to do assignments.

Students can have access to experts in almost any subject through the web.  This could be particularly useful to kids in high school.  For example, if a student wanted to take an advanced Spanish class, they could practice speaking to a fluent Spanish speaker on-line.

Check out this article and video “Why Integrate Technology into the Curriculum?:  The Reasons are Many” from edutopia, a website that shows what works in education.  It is part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

Jack ’20

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