Thank You, Sixth Grade Saints

Gratitude was the focus for the week prior to Thanksgiving in the sixth grade English/Composition class.  We started the week off by reading a blog post written by Marelisa Fabrega-  “How Gratitude Can Change Your Life“.  The gist of the post was that if you continually reflect on those things for which you are thankful and find ways to express gratitude that you can improve your quality of life.  So, that’s what the sixth grade students did.  Some students created fake Facebook pages on which they posted several status updates, each one highlighting something for which they were thankful.  Some showed their gratitude through pictures on Instagram (both real and on templates). Some even choose to write letters of thanks to a person who has made a difference in their life.  The students had fun creating these expressions of thankfulness, and I can honestly say that the overall mood in class each day that week was cheerful.  I could see firsthand the effect that these acts of gratitude had on the sixth graders.

As I looked over their finished products, I noticed that almost everyone of them put that they were thankful for their teachers, and while I am sure some may have put that because they felt they needed to, I truly believe that most of them (if not all of them) put that because they wholeheartedly appreciate their teachers.  I left for the Thanksgiving break feeling even more blessed than I already do.  So, I wanted to take the opportunity to complete the assignment I gave my students:

Dear Sixth Grade Saints-

Thank you for reminding me why I wanted to become a teacher.  In our brief time together, you have renewed my passion for teaching and have ensured me that I am making a difference, and for that, I thank you.  Thank you for always coming to class with smiles on your faces, eager to learn (even when we know that English is not most of your favorite subjects).   Most importantly, thank you for being you; each of you are the reason that I come to school each day with a smile on my face.  I cannot wait to see what else this year has in store for us.


Mrs. Gresham

If you happen to be in the Lower School this week, make sure to take a minute to stop by the sixth grade commons to see these great expressions of gratitude.




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