The 39 Steps: Upper School Drama Production

While visiting London, Richard Hannay meets Annabella Smith who is on the run from secret agents. Hannay, played by Trevor Dugan ’19, tells Annabella she can hide in his flat. During the night, she is murdered. Afraid he will get falsely accused, Hannay goes on the run to break the spy ring. To find out who killed Annabella, and to laugh through a Monty Python-type comedy, don’t miss out on this and the other mysteries in The 39 Steps.

The students involved have been preparing for over a month to perform this production. Playing the co-lead role of Annabella Smith, will be Gracie Comtois ’18. Other cast members include Catherine Harris ’19, Taylor Halbach ’18, Connor Youngren ’19, Stephanie Simpson ’19, Jalean Price ’19, and Jane Stephenson ’19, each of which will be playing multiple roles on and off stage. The 39 Steps has extremely diverse and interesting characters that draw you into the performance and make you feel like you are a part of what is happening.

Something new this year: The thespians have their very own costume designer, so each costume has been specifically tailored to each student.

“It is such a joy to know that my costume was made specifically for me,” Simpson said. “Now we all look and act the part!”

This production is is the first comedy produced for the in two years! So stop by for  a good laugh — The 39 Steps will be playing in McNair Theater from October 26 to October 28. The showtimes for Thursday and Friday are 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday the show starts at 2:00 p.m. The tickets will be $5 for students and faculty and $10 for general admission. Click here to buy your tickets!


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