The School Year is Coming to a Close

I have enjoyed middle school so much, but now the year is coming to a close. It is time to begin my journey through high school. While there are things that I will miss, I am looking forward to what high school has to offer. I will miss the smiling face of our principal, Gonzo every morning and the welcoming teachers. I will also miss everything being familiar to me; the schedules, the teachers, and the students. As I approach high school, I am excited and nervous. I am ready for more complex classes and bigger responsibilities, but I am nervous for the unknown. The new teachers and the different students are what I am apprehensive about. I am also looking forward to meeting them. But I have to say, the excitement has overpowered my nerves, and I am looking forward to high school.

I remember the first day of kindergarten when I had butterflies in my stomach and pigtails in my hair. I felt the same way on the first day of seventh grade without the pigtails. Therefor, it is no surprise I have that familiar feeling about high school. I feel certain that four years from now, those butterflies may be a bit bigger when I start college.

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