The “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year where the air gets colder, the leaves fall to the ground and families are preparing for the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a great time for everyone to see families from far away or to just give thanks for everything we have. I think of all the other families who might not have the Thanksgiving that people traditionally think of. Many families are trying to survive with little food through the cold outdoor conditions. The least we can do is help those that need it. For example, the Middle School has collected around 110 pounds of food for Thanksgiving meals for families in need. A few students delivered the food to the local food shelter. Student Anna Tisdale says, “We were in an insulated garage wearing winter jackets and I was freezing cold. It made me think that I am so blessed because people have to live outside with no heat or roof over their head, and they don’t get to look forward to going home or back to a gated school to be warm or to have a warm meal.” I am proud to say that I am a student at a school that truly does “Protect the Family.”

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