Trailer: The Last Jedi

Last Monday night’s football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears was more than just a football game; the world premier trailer for the new Star Wars film, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” aired. Stormtroopers marched onto to field during halftime in a cloud of smoke. The trailer of the new flick was played for those watching at home and those attending the game. Tickets became available for purchase online immediately after the trailer aired; all of this excitement and hype promised another successful film for Lucasfilm franchise.

Following the success of the original trilogy of Star Wars films, Rian Johnson, the new director under Lucasfilm, has stepped in to continue the exciting and action-packed eighth installment. On YouTube alone, this video has already received 32 million plus views in a few days. Critics are already projecting this to out-gross the previous movie, “ Star Wars the Force Awakens,” which earned just under one billion dollars. Considering the influx of new Star Wars-related toys, and especially the upcoming video game, “Star Wars: Battlefront II,” the new movie will also gain momentum from consumers. Lucasfilm is already projecting the third episode of the third trilogy for 2019 and a spin-off film called, “Solo.”

Be advised that this movie has not yet been rated by critics. Moreover, the Star Wars Saga usually entails violent scenes; parents should be cautious allowing young children to view the film without reading the advisories first.


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