No Vicksburg, No Problem

The government shutdown affected many people, including the 6th graders at All Saints’.  We were scheduled to visit Vicksburg, Mississippi October 16th to the 18th, but due to many of our destinations being closed, we were forced to postpone our trip.  We did not let this get us down though.  We moved on and were able to visit a local spot with which many of our students were unfamiliar- The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge.

The other sixth grade teachers and I worked together to come up with some fun, cross-curricular activities to support our visit.  While there, students observed the various critters that call the FWNC home.  I think all of the students would agree that learning about and watching the bobcat was one of the highlights of the trip. Some students learned how to chart a course with a compass while others were learning about the Cochineal bug that attaches itself to a cactus and produces a pink dye.  Students hunted for the perfect spots for taking in the beauty that can be found at the center.  Once they found their spots, they let nature inspire them- inspire them to recreate nature in a drawing or in lines of poetry.   Students also ventured out on hikes, covering all areas of the center, while capturing great photos.

The activity that the students had the most fun with was their video challenge.  Near the end of our visit, students were charged with creating a video that included facts that they learned while they were at the nature center.  Some created scary movies set at the FWNC while others created their own episodes of Man vs. Wild.

Our time at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge was eventful and fun, and it allowed students to forget for at least a day that they were not in Vicksburg.

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