Weekly Blog From the Athletic Department

Winter Sports are underway and the season of Thanksgiving is upon us. The All Saints’ Athletic Department realizes how blessed and fortunate we are every day to be a part of this community and its student-athletes’ lives, and we have much for which we are thankful.

The support from friends, family, the student community, faculty and staff, and the administration is unquestionably what we, as a department, are thankful for the most. We are given time each week to teach, mentor, and build students into athletes with incredible potential and help them accomplish goals that, at one point, seemed unreachable.

None of what we do could be accomplished without the support from the parents of each athlete. Their cumulative commitment to teaching their children about dedication, responsibility, and their overall support for whatever it is in which their children are involved allows the All Saints’ coaches to push each student-athlete to new competitive and personal ceilings.

To end, the All Saints’ Athletic Department wishes everyone within this great community a happy, fun-filled, and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday. We appreciate the support we receive and the opportunity to work with All Saints’ great student-athletes. We look forward to another successful Winter Sports Season and encourage everyone to support our Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, and Swim Teams throughout the rest of their seasons.

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