What exactly are Prefects?

The prefect system is something that we, as Upper School students, hear about often but not everybody knows exactly what it is. The prefect system began with Will Gentry ’17 and Mr. Worden, Dean of Students and Assistant Head of Upper School. Gentry that student council elections were becoming a popularity contest so he wanted to create a system which would be more inclusive.

“The prefect system is much like a student council but is much more fluid and flexible,” said Ashlyn Kotarski, the current head prefect. Unlike student council, which is very structured with people appointed by students with set roles, the prefect system has less of a hierarchy and is run and managed by internal positions. Of course, there are set roles and people to oversee and manage the overall picture, the system is essentially run by itself, by the students, for the students.

There are many current prefect categories and many students involved.

Ashlyn Kotarski: Head Prefect

  • Leads prefect meetings
  • Reaches out to the community for guidance
  • Checks in with project progress with each prefect
  • Works on projects with Mr. Worden

Grace Margaret Berndt: Vice Prefect

  • Fills in for the Head Prefect wherever they need to
  • Helps with organization
  • Running meetings if head prefect is not present
  • Works with the Head Prefect and Dean of Students

Anna Caroline Turner: Special Events

  • Handles all dances
  • Themes
  • Decorations

Trent Barron: Community Service

  • Works with Mr. Parks to create opportunities for community service for students

Jermaine Rucker, Samantha Selman, and Merrit Sallinger: Student Ambassador Prefects

  • All three handle reaching out to student ambassadors about meetings
  • Tours
  • Job assignments
  • Organizes all student ambassador schedules

Will Hollingsworth and Bennett Cleveland : Clubs and Activities Prefects

  • Handle clubs
  • Creation of clubs
  • After school activities besides sports or anything with sports credits

Sloan Struble and Riley Weeden: Spirit Prefects

  • Creates themes
  • Creates posters
  • Gets people excited to come to all sporting events that season

Georgia Smith: Honor Council Prefect

  • Is the head student in the honor council
  • Handles honor council meetings
  • Helps pick students eligible to be on the council the following year

Mary Frances Burnette: Fine Arts Prefect

  • Handles all fine arts choices
  • Organizes fine arts fair for the following year

Ben Henderson: Student Privileges Prefect

  • Pushes for students to have more benefits and opportunities

Cameron Lawrence: Hospitality Prefect

  • Welcomes teams and visiting students to the school and finds creative ways to make our school more welcoming to others

All Saints’ is not the only school to use this system. What is unique to All Saints’ is how we adhere to it with every student able to find a position. In order to become a prefect, students need to submit an essay to Mr. Worden and Mr. Menendez containing which prefect he/she would like to be and why you feel that you would be a good fit for that position.

“We want everyone to be involved in the prefect system,” said Mr. Worden. “You don’t have to be a traditional student leader to be involved.” From designing the t-shirt for Homecoming to planning community service programs, there is a job for everyone!


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