Ebola Lingering

Epidemic in Dallas?

This past month the fear and the talk of Ebola like wild fire across America. It all started on Sept. 20th when Thomas Eric Duncan came from Liberia to the United States. He showed no signs of the disease at first, but later was diagnosed with Ebola. Then he was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on September 30th to be treated but the hospital was unprepared for the disease. On October 8th, Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola. Those who came into contact with him while he had Ebola have been quarantined to attempt to limit the disease. Critics blame the hospital’s lack of preparation for Duncan’s death but only a handful on hospitals in the country are prepared with the supplies to treat a patient with Ebola. Others point out that Duncan should’ve never been allowed to enter the United States. This has many questioning the security of our borders. Some think the solution to stopping the virus from spreading is to completely shut down our borders from all travelers. While multiple people are afraid of traveling, others are skeptical of their chances of getting Ebola. They blame the News for overhyping the Ebola story and it has caused more bad than good. Just recently, a man by the name of Dr. Craig Spencer contracted Ebola in the New York area and is currently being treated. It makes many wonder where might Ebola be found next.

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