A Little Piece of Italy Comes to Texas

Upon walking in to Nonna Tata, the customer is instantly greeted by the quaint feel of a small restaurant in Italy, nestled in the southside of Fort Worth. Born in Italy, Donatella Trotti opened the restaurant in 2007. When she moved to Texas, she decided to bring a piece of Italy to Texas with her, through the kitchen. The pastas are homemade as is the bread. There are soup, salad, and many different pasta options available.  There are seven tables in the restaurant, and all of them usually filled with the happy faces of other people eating. . The service is always bustling to meet any customer’s needs; although the seating is limited and if they cannot seat someone right away, they tell you that there are many great places nearby to go and get a coffee, and once the table is ready, you will get a phone call. The waiters are quick to get to your empty cup, but not in such a way that they are constantly interrupting your conversations. You will find patrons wearing anything from a tshirt and shorts to a dress and for guys a blazer and a button down.

One downside to the restaurant is that credit cards are not accepted; customers can only pay in cash, checks, or euros; but if you forget, they will simply send you to an ATM next door. The experience does not take too long, so dining time is typically 45 minutes to an hour. As a recent customer, I would strongly suggest trying Nonna Tata because it serves authentic food in a place that is just like Italy.  

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