Advice on applying to college

I remember last year hearing the seniors complain about applying to college. I never understood why until I experienced it for myself. It can be very stressful trying to balance schoolwork with college applications. If I had the chance the go through the process again, I would definitely adjust a few things. Here are a few tips for the junior class to help with the same process next year:

  1. Visit any college that you’re interested in applying to. A lot of colleges seem great, but once you visit them, they can be the complete opposite of what you might have expected. You want to have personally seen all the schools you plan on applying to before senior year rather than waiting until you are bogged down with everything senior year entails. That way you aren’t overwhelmed with all of the options.
  2. Start preparing for the ACT or SAT early; do not wait until senior year to start. Taking standardized tests is never fun, but it is something you have to do whether you like it or not. Don’t blow it off because many schools have score requirements, and you need to know where you stand early on in the process so that you can continue to raise your score if needed.
  3. Start writing college admission essays the summer before your senior year. Writing essays was the hardest part for me because you have to show the college who you are and impress them in a humble way. Find a topic that suits you on the application and start brainstorming ideas. It is always helpful to get someone else to read and edit your essay.

Applying to college can be a fun and exciting process as long as you stay on track and don’t procrastinate!   

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