Are you ready for college?


Graduating high school is a great accomplishment in a student’s life. Moving on to college is an expectation All Saints’ Episcopal School sets for its students.But, do All Saints’ alumni feel they are prepared for college? When All Saint’ alumni were asked if they are prepared for college, most were very prepared.

“The note taking skills I learned from Dr. Fanning definitely prepared me for the fast paced lectures in college classes.,” said Mason Huckabee, All Saints’ class of 2015. Huckabee graduated with exemplary grades and now attends Texas Tech University. When asked if teachers helped prepare her for college. She stated that her college professors remind her about quizzes and tests, opposed to All Saints’ teachers telling students to work with more independence in school.   However, Huckabee also said that All Saints’ lived up to its “college preparatory” standards with its academic quality and teacher support systems.

Lauren Godby, also class of 2015, only attended All Saints’ for her senior year, but said she was very prepared for college compared to her public school days. “Mrs. Wooten was really a great teacher and helped me so much with my writing skills, which is a great thing for college.” Godby said. Godby transferred her senior year to All Saints’, and she said there was a huge difference in the curriculum and standards compared to public school.

Another All Saints’ alum, Charlie Flores, class of 2014, said All Saints’ was harder than expected but worked hard and got accepted into an Ivy League school, Columbia University. When asked if Flores’ All Saints’ career was helpful to prepare him for college, he said, “All Saints’ faculty are outstanding and they prepared me very well for the college courses and lectures at Columbia.” With such a prestigious school like Columbia, students must be prepared for the curriculum and lectures they provide.

As you see, many students are very prepared and ready for the college life and school work because of their high school learning. All Saints’ has been providing a great preparatory education and support for students since 1951, and plans on continuing their tradition for many years to come.


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