Cure for a Case of the Mondays

Do you ever feel tired and worn out from the previous week, even after the weekend? Many students, including myself, often feel tired after the two day break of Saturday and Sunday. Plus, because of homework, Sunday feels more like a work day than a break day, leaving only one free day.

I propose we solve this problem by regularly having a three day weekend. Just imagine if the notorious day, Monday, was a part of the weekend! In order to make this work, we would have to sacrifice a little under half our summer.

This loss of summer may seem upsetting to some, but it would combat the potential loss of knowledge over the long break. Concordia University’s recent study shows that teachers have to spend as much as six weeks at the beginning of the school year to help students regain knowledge learned the previous year in order to prepare for the new material. A New Times article states that modern recreational activities such as movies and TV break the habits of a good student and replaces previously-learned knowledge. Plus, this extra day would mean another day to catch up on sleep, and more sleep would assist students in performing their best academically over the course of the next week.

Lucy-Mae Reason ’19 would be willing to take this compromise, but this move would also affect teachers. Mr. LaPointe, Latin teacher All Saints’, also thinks this would be a positive change. However, Dr. Fanning, All Saints’ History teacher, thinks that it is harder to bounce back into the groove of school after a three-day weekend, and would prefer to have a long summer like we have now.

I’m sure we could find arguments for both sides, but I strongly believe If we had a three-day weekend every weekend, students would benefit by their increased time for resting, maintaining knowledge from the previous school year, and grades would rise.

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