Fall Rally


IMG_3057“Fall Rally is the ‘kickoff’ to the football season at All Saints, and I like how it brings all of Lower, Middle, and Upper School together,” said student, Anna Tisdale (class of ’19). Fall is finally here, and what does that mean? It’s time for Fall Rally! The whole school is excited for the remainder of the football season. But Fall Rally isn’t just a football game, it’s a way for all the students to come together and “Protect the Family.” Before all the fun begins, All Saints has a Pep Rally to pump up everyone’s school spirit. The cheerleaders are yelling, the percussion team is drumming, and the football players are…dancing? The senior football players all got together to perform an original dance piece for the whole school to enjoy. The fun has just begun. Many students look forward to the football game where they can do a variety of things. Patrick Zaino (class of ’25) said, “My favorite thing is the cardboard box races.” There are also many other activities like bouncing in the bouncy house, or eating some snowcones and hamburgers! Many of the students enjoy all of the fun activities, while showing school spirit with their navy PTF shirts. The football game was against Fort Worth Country Day, our rivals, but All Saints dominated with a score of 48-18. Fall Rally was a success for All Saints’, and a fun time for everyone, and don’t forget to check out the pictures in the All Saints photo gallery on the wire!