Hop Hop Hop… Here Comes Easter!!!


The most colorful holiday of the year!

When most people think of Easter they think of the eggs, bunnies, chocolate, and family, but the real reason we celebrate this holiday is because of Jesus Christ.

The crucifixion of Jesus began when one of his disciples named Judas betrayed him. Jesus was taken to Pontius Pilate were he demanded his crucifixion. Jesus carried the cross to the hill where he was buried, fell three times, and was crucified all for the everlasting life of the human race. He was hung on a cross and a thorn cross was placed on his head, but he did it all for us. He was put into a grave with a large rock covering the entrance. For two days his family and followers mourned his death, the world felt the effects of losing someone so precious. Thankfully, on the third day, Jesus rose from the grave. An angle from heaven opened his grave and told his mother Mary his son has resurrected. Jesus appeared to his followers and told them he has resurrected by showing his wounds. This event is celebrated with Easter. The resurrection of our hero! I think it is very important that when we remember Easter, we will also remember the sacrifice Jesus made just for us. He did not even know us, yet was willing to die remembering he would be able to see us in heaven.

Spread the gift Jesus gave us to your family and friends when you see them this holiday!!!!!!!

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