Is dating a thing of the past?

A fancy dinner out, a picnic, a movie, or a walk in the park could all be considered a date. These aren’t very original date ideas, but they definitely are dates. In this generation, do people still go on classic dates? Or do they just “hang out?” Today, the notion of a date is much broader than it used to be. Dating has morphed from two people going to dinner and a movie,  to hanging out with a group of friends at someone’s house or going to a party together. The romance, and even the courtesy of dating, has been completely obliterated.

Most girls love to hear about how their parents or grandparents first met and what their first dates were like. They dream of having dates like they have grown up hearing, but come realize that what their parents once knew is a thing of the past. Previous generations can talk for hours about their first kiss on the beach at sunset, or the first time they met each other’s parents. It is rare to hear of couples doing random things for each other just because, or going out of their way to make the other happy.  It’s simple romance like this that keeps a relationship alive and healthy. Romance like this is disappearing, and it’s happening faster than one might think.


Technology is a big part of the step away from traditional dating. Dating apps and websites, texting, and FaceTime makes  meeting in person and actually spend time together less important to a relationship. Cell phones have acted as a barrier between the real world of romance and humans. I think that people tend to use technology and cell phones as a security blanket. People think they can say what is really on their mind of hearts from the security of a bright screen. More often than not, the person picking up the date will send a text saying “here” rather than going up to the doorstep and maybe, just MAYBE, having to meet the parents of the date. This generation has gotten so accustomed to technology that they have almost become afraid of conversation.

So, how can we bring back the old (and better) ways of romance and dating? There are a few simple things that could make a big difference. For example, don’t use your phone at dinner, with friends, family, or your significant other. It can definitely wait. Also, don’t resort to just “hanging out” as a date when trying to be conscientious about money. There are still plenty of things to do that won’t break the bank, you just have to be creative! Let’s bring back the traditional dates, you will be surprised how much it means to that special someone.

3 thoughts on “Is dating a thing of the past?

  1. It is a shame that there is no dating, per se, any more. But the girls control this. If they are satisfied with just hanging the boys will do just that. Girls have to thinks enough of themselves that they require better treatment, and not make them selves available at anytime.

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