Legacy of Kindness

The Big and Little Sister program at All Saints’ Episcopal School, named SIS, is a mentorship program designed for rising freshman and senior girls. SIS has 37 freshman girls and 41 senior girls participating this year, and is led by Rachel Simpson as her senior project.

The current senior class began working on the program in the Fall of their junior year. The program allows for each senior girl to be a leader and help her ‘little sister’ freshman become acclimated to high school with more ease and confidence.

The senior girls see this program as a way to leave a legacy of kindness. If one-on-one friendships are formed, it can collectively make a difference in the environment of the School.

“It made me feel a lot more prepared to enter my freshman year knowing that there was an upperclassman who I know and can talk to,” said Maria Martin ’21.

The SIS program was kicked-off this year with a Big and Little Reveal on August 20 at the lake home of the Williamson family. They then enjoyed a fun and relaxing lake day, forming a bond between each pair. Two other events are planned for the entire group this school year. They will all participate in a community service project led by Mr. Parks, and in April, all the girls will enjoy picnic together at lunch before the seniors are finished with their classes.

Originally, this program was not intended to be a senior project for Simpson. In past years freshman have been paired with ‘big sister’ seniors, but the program did not go further beyond that. She began the program because she knew there was a need and that her senior class peers could pull it off. Now she will finish the program out by evaluating it’s success and writing a succession plan for the current junior class.

“What I love the most is when I hear that a Big and Little have met up outside of school, just to hang out or go to lunch,” said Rachel Simpson ’18. “It makes me happy to know that the program is making a difference.”

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