Morning Chapel

Since I go to a christian school, I am given the opportunity to worship freely. We have religion class once a week, and we learn things from a godly perspective. However, my favorite part of going to school at All Saints is going to chapel every morning. We pray to God and worship him by  singing interactive songs. Fr. Mel (our chaplain) teaches us about different verses in the bible and each week we have a new manner. In chapel there are students who read the scripture, the prayers, or they are the officiant. Though we all sing and participate, there is a choir made of four or five students. We also have Eucharist once a week.

Going to chapel every morning is a great way to start the day. It motivates us to get through the day and live every day like He would. It’s also fun. If we are baptized, in Eucharist we get to have the Holy Communion. What other school does that?! Chapel allows us to start the day fresh and enjoy our time of worship. Lots of kids don’t  get to pray to God in school or even say His name, so I am very blessed to have that privilege.

Savanna ’20

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