Is It Really Christmas Already?

Wow…how did December get here so quickly?  It feels like we just got started, but in reflecting on the semester, we have done so much.  Just thinking about it makes me need to grab a glass of iced tea and rest a moment.  We are in the midst of an awesome math project that has the kids creating reflective timelines and turning them into the “fractions of time” in their lives.  It is so much fun to hear them talk about “how long ago” an event was…I have shoes older than my students!

As we remember how fortunate we are for having our families and friends close to share the holidays, our 5th graders are writing letters to our soldiers overseas.  They are sending warm Christmas greetings wrapped in thanks and admiration for the soldiers’ love and dedication to our amazing country and its citizens.  The students seem visibly moved as they are writing their letters to the folks that they don’t even know, but who are willing to stand up and protect them.

Ending the semester in science is ending up the curriculum in life science.  We are learning to comprehend the magnitude of our world, how small a part of it we are, yet what an impact we can make, unfortunately often in a negative way.  One of the best parts of this is the creation of a “game plan” for how each one of us can use our servant hearts, our amazing ingenuity, and our strength of character to make a dramatic difference – in our lives, our families’ lives, and the whole of our community as well as our country.

Grateful does not begin to cover the emotions of being a part of my students’ lives each and every day, but it will have to do for now.  Merry Christmas to all!

-Mrs. Wilson, 5th Grade Teacher


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