University Park Village: Blast from the past

University Park Village is a well-known shopping center in the heart of Fort Worth. Have you ever thought about what was it like ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago? The 173,358 ft2 shopping center is home to many lavish boutiques and top notch restaurants, which are main attraction to central Fort Worth. Built in 1996, University Park Village began its journey to bring high-end shopping and good eats to this Cowtown we call home. Throughout the last two decades, the boutiques and restaurants inhabiting the shopping mall have changed dramatically, altering to popular demand at the time.1376m

Currently residing in University Park Village are shops such as the Apple Store, Anthropologie, and my personal favorite, Lululemon Athletica. These boutiques make for a great Saturday shopping day. After a long day of shopping, you can get a bite to eat at one of the fantastic restaurants such as McKinley’s Bakery, Pacific Table or Blue Mesa Grill.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.52.55 PMUniversity Park Village lays on top of a foundation of memories. What once was some of Fort Worth’s original buildings, is now a shopping mall. Underneath the concrete parking lot, and what is now Chili’s, lies the dirt that was once known as Parkaire Drive-in theater. Many couples have had timeless memories and countless first dates at this drive-in. On the opposite end of University Park Village, where Starbucks and the Apple store now reside, used to be a restaurant known as The Farmer’s Daughter.

“The Farmer’s Daughter was one of the first “nice” restaurants in Fort Worth. Couples would save up for a special date night at The Farmer’s Daughter. They might even catch a movie at the drive-in after” said John Roff.

We often forget about the past, and do not appreciate the special memories that might be hidden beneath the new construction that the current generation has put in its place. However, it is important to remember all of the moments that people shared at The Farmer’s Daughter and the Parkaire Drive-in that are held near and dear to their hearts. Remember to cherish the memories that you have at University Park Village, because who knows what it might become forty years from now!

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