What do you do when you see a spaceman? Park in it, man.

Parking spaces at All Saints’ have become a hot commodity. For people who aren’t seniors, (who have their own parking spots), parking spaces have become hard to come by. As the sophomores get older, they get their licenses and one by one, the multitude of spots quickly diminish.

Last year, the School invested in four small school buses to transport sports teams and small groups of people. These four buses are stored in the student parking lot across from the Chapel, mostly designated for the sophomores and juniors. They now take up more spots, leaving even less room for the already-packed parking lot.

Seniors have it a little bit easier since, at the end of their junior year, they were able to purchase senior spots to ensure that they would always have the spot they wanted each day at school. But still, some seniors who didn’t take advantage of this are left out to dry. If a student gets to school after about 8:00 a.m., almost all the parking spots are gone, and they are either forced to park at the very end of the far parking lot in a handicap designated spot, or even at the parking lot in front of the Lower School nearly all the way across campus .This is an issue because most students want to take their time getting to school and not have to get to school JUST to get a parking lot in the wee early morning hours.

Early last week Zach Dobbins ’17 had to park in the lot by the Lower School. He arrived at school at 8:20 a.m. and all of the spots were taken, still with 25 minutes before school actually started.

“The parking issue at All Saints’,” Dobbins says, “needs to be addressed.” He thought about parking in one of the handicap spots in the gym parking lot but decided not to get a giant sticker on his car from the Life Safety team that he had seen on some of his peers’ cars in the days preceding.

Most of the students’ views on this issue is that it needs to be resolved sooner rather than later, or at least to get this issue noticed. Students shouldn’t be desperately looking for places to park.

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