What’s Brewing in Fort Worth?

Brewed is a small local restaurant located on the southside of Fort Worth. They are known for their coffee brews and their small treats. This is a fun place to get together with friends and family. Brewed offers a variety of things to make any customer happy.

From the hot chocolate to the cappuccinos, Brewed is bound to have something for everyone who comes in. Upon walking in, the customer is greeted by a waiter or waitress who takes you to your table. While waiting, there is a wonderful waiting area with a couch and chairs and a coffee table to cluster around. Drinks and appetizers can be served to those in the waiting area as well. Brewed also offers a to-go service for when you want something quick to get you going or just to get you warm. Not only are the drinks appetizing, but the restaurant offers a variety of food options if you are wanting to dine in. To start, they have a list of things to snack on such as their “donut dippers” and their french fries. They also have big dishes for when you are wanting a meal. Their most popular dish is called the, “Brewed Burger.” The burger can be prepared how you like it with a side of fries or sweet potato fries.

Aside from the food, Brewed has a home-like ambiance that makes you feel as if you were next to a fireplace all warm and cozy. Each table is named after a state, which gives the customers a good table conversation. There is a kids room, filled with books and games for when they finish quick and the adults are still eating. Usually there is a live band playing outside which makes the atmosphere even more lively. When there is not a band there is still some hip music playing on the inside.

Brewed has a unique combination of atmosphere and food, to make for a great cold-day restaurant, or any day restaurant. There are food options for every age, and there is always something to look at.    

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