What’s going on in the presidential race?

So, what’s going on in the presidential race? According to the Huffington Post, we have Ben Carson flying high, Donald Trump holding on for dear life, and Marco Rubio inserting clever comments every time he opens his mouth. As the race tightens, and election day draws closer, all senses are heightened, and the competition becomes as fierce as ever.

Everyone who has kept up with this presidential race knows how crazy and unexpected it has been. Things have been promised and said that no one ever thought they’d hear, and some of the most promising and popular candidates have dropped out of the running. Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, known for his anti-union policies, dropped out on September 21. Mitt Romney was the promising GOP candidate for the 2012 election, but didn’t make the cut. And of course, we can’t forget about our own Rick Perry, the previous Governor of Texas. He announced he was running on May 4, but soon dropped out on September 11, just a mere four months later.

So, who’s next to drop out? That really depends on how you look at it. There are many different aspects that one has to look at. The candidate’s performance in the polls, their political momentum and the fiscal solvency of the candidate, (which includes the money they have on hand, from fundraisers, and money provided by endorsements). One should also take these same markers into account for the competing candidates.

I talked to an “expert”, Ann Baldwin, the 12th grade government teacher, who she thought would be dropping out next. She thinks that the bottom four Republican candidates, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, and Lindsey Graham are all subject to fall victim to the other candidates and drop out.

Jindal, Santorum, Pataki, and Graham.

Jindal, Santorum, Pataki, and Graham.

“Don’t forget that there are still three months away from the 1st primary and a year away from the general election.” Baldwin said, “Money and support will dictate who survives. I predict that there will be 5 republican candidates by February 9.”

The reaction from debates, money, and performance in the polls are the determining factors, and looking at these factors, Jindal, Pataki, Santorum,and Graham will be the next to go. BUT we’ll have to wait and see; everything is subject to change, especially in this race.

The next republican GOP debate is Wednesday, November 11th.

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