Who runs the world (All Saints’): Kathi Tiffany

If you have ever looked at the All Saints’ yearbook, then you probably know who Kathi Tiffany is. If not, she is a student and faculty loved upper school teacher at All Saints’ and she has taken on many roles for the past 25 years. Tiffany has a plethora of nicknames given to her by students such as: Totally Tiffany, T-yoncé, T-ter Tot, or just plain T. Tiffany seems to do, or has done, anything and everything at All Saints’. Whether you are in yearbook, digital photography, advanced placement art, or go on the New York fine arts trip, Tiffany does it all.

“T is like our mom, she cares for us but still keeps us in line” said Claire Prioleau ‘16.

From making waffles in her advisory to her candy drawer, Tiffany’s room is the place to be on any given day. Students are encouraged to be themselves and express who they are in her classroom. When assigned a project, Tiffany expects you to be creative and try new things. Whether it becomes your best work or ends up as as a disaster, she continues to encourage you. There is constant organized chaos that happens in her room on a day-to-day basis. She has overlapping classes, on more than one occasion and handles them like a champ, rushing back and forth to each one.

Throughout her many years at All Saints’ she has taken on many roles, some more surprising than others. When she first began working at All Saints’, she was both the middle and upper school art teacher because at the time there were only 32 high school students. She used to sponsor student council and the cheer team as well:

“I used to drive the bus for the cheerleaders, and that is a story in itself… that is one of the funniest memories I have of All Saints’” said Tiffany.

Throughout her many years of teaching at All Saints’, all three of Tiffany’s children went to school and graduated from All Saints’ in the classes of ’93, ’95 and ’99. All Saints’ alumni, Elizabeth Barajas class of ‘06, was one of Tiffany’s yearbook editors and is now teaching alongside her as an upper school spanish teacher. Barajas is only one of several of Tiffany’s previous students who now work at All Saints’. There are an abundance of accomplishments that Tiffany has at All Saints’:

“My greatest long term accomplishment was when I designed the upper school art studio. I wanted the art students to be able to experience what a professional art studio looks and feels like.”

    From the moment Tiffany walks into the school in the morning, till the time she leaves in the afternoon, she is always on the move. Running to and from her overlapping classes or hunting someone down for a yearbook problem that needs a resolution. A common phrase heard in her room is, “Where did T go this time…?”

Even though Tiffany is always on the move, she constantly has work for her students. Such as the yearbook staff running around the school to take pictures for their spreads or, her famous, yearbook meetings during lunch. Needless to say, Tiffany’s room is not the place for quiet time! There are continuous conversations going on, some more serious than others.

Tiffany cares about her students, and she creates a fun and hands-on learning environment for each and every one of them.

“T is a legend” said Jack Brockermeyer.

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