Winter Middle School Dance

Who knew a Latin teacher can conjugate verbs and be a fabulous dancer at the same time? The winter dance, titled, “Bright Lights Big City” on February 6th was a big success for the middle school. It was great to get to enjoy students and teachers on a different level, without homework and tests. People had fun dancing and chatting throughout the evening. Eighth grade student, Easton Fehler said, “everybody cares about each other and we all got to hang out together.”Every middle school student interacts with each other, no matter seventh or eighth grade. Most of the students even forgot they were at school while having so much fun. Everybody laughed and danced when we heard the DJ play the history songs we had learned. Ms. Wood could not help but dance with all of her students. This winter dance was not just for a good time, it was also to help others less fortunate than us. The price to get into the party was a pair of men’s socks. These socks then went to the All Saints Episcopal Church, and will then be given to a homeless person who needs them. “Bright Lights Big City” is a night never to be forgotten.

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