Work or Play?

Balance is a key essential to many things, whether it be athletically or academically. But I’m more focused on the academic stand point of balance. You have got to have balance in school. You have to balance with your homework and your free time, and school and sports, but most importantly in ‘work versus play.’ We’ve all heard of the old saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and this couldn’t be more true. Whether it be academic work, or your chores at home, you must balance that work load with a good and healthy free time. If you are always working, you’re not living or enjoying life. We humans need a break from work. We need time to just sit back and relax and recover. We need balance between work and play. We need to work hard, but we should also take breaks and ‘play.’ This is something I need to work on. Should you work on it too?

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